Things Are Strange

by Karrot Kake

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karrot kake third album was recorded entirely inside the san andreas fault line
too get that real underground sound
warm like the earths core
dirty like the dirt on my shirt
we do nott condone violence but we are the embodiment of violence itself
walking contradiction since 2010
garlic bread


released August 30, 2014

Kale Mendez-DeMello: Vocals, Guitar
Jon Fridmann: Drums, Keys, Horns
Mike Fridmann: Bass

All songs and lyrics by Kale Mendez-DeMello except lyrics on "The Beach" by Liam Rankin and Kale Mendez-DeMello

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Fridmann

Cover art by Jon Fridmann and Charles Darwin


all rights reserved



Karrot Kake Fredonia, New York

The only band that's actually from Fredonia, NY

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Track Name: Intro
There are many trucks out there on the road
And all those many trucks
are carrying many different loads
I'll probably just sing aloud
of stuff I don't care about
Buried alive they shout get out, get out, get out
Get out with all-encompassing momentum
Speeding down the road, the last American cowboy
In his eyes are joy and mechanical malfunction
When the brakes give out and you need an oil change
I regret to inform you that things are very strange
But if you manage to pull over it'll be okay
Track Name: Song For Mark Johnston
Hey man, please refrain from using such hurtful language
You wouldn't want to end up just like my other friends
You know what happened to them now don't you
I reported every single one of them
And if you don't watch it you're next on my list
You fucking nerd, look at what you've done
I might have to call the authorities because
You might be in some sort of physical danger
And I can't have that happen to any one of my friends
You know what happens when you're reported right
If you're reported
I basically just fucked up your life
If you're reported
you go sit down in the corner and cry
If you're reported you're probably just gonna die
If you're reported by me and not some other guy
Track Name: I'm A Elephant
I don't know what I can do
I feel alone and I feel confused
I'm not what you think that I am
Cause I'm the goddamn elephant
I'm not like you, not like you at all
Baby why can't you understand
Maybe I'm just terse, maybe I'm not a man
Please baby don't run away from me
I'm just an elephant can't you see
I'm not like you, I'm not like you at all
Baby why can't you see my point of view
I've been enlightened, now I see the truth
We're not the same, we're two different animals
You're human and what I am's not tangible
Track Name: Track Star
I'm in love with a track star
And she's quicker and faster than you are
And in two months she'll be gone
Yeah in two months she'll be gone
If you just slow down and let me in
I promise you won't regret anything
So what are you running from
yeah what are you running from
So we'll just watch these movies in silence
Before you go away to school and leave me behind
Those precious hours will mean more to me
And the seconds will mean everything
I'm in love with a track star
And she's packing her bags and she's driving on far
And I'm pretty sure she knows how I feel
And I'm like 80% sure she knows how I feel
Never gonna see her again
I'm in love with a track star
And she's quicker and faster than you are
And in two months she'll be gone
Yeah in two months she'll be gone
Cause I'm in love with a girl who's really really fast
When she's coming in first I'm finishing last
She's a runner and I'm a fighter
But I'm not really much of a fighter
Track Name: FAQ
Too scared to say something
Too frightened to speak up
On track to derailment
Off of the beaten path
Set fire to the forest
I think they're beginning to like us
Send out the emergency signal
I think I'm beginning to like you
Make your way to the fountain, child
Make your way
Travel only by way of moonlight
Travel only by night
I think we should turn back
I think we should move on
To the ends of the Earth we go
I'll push you right over the fall
I'm a cancerous tumor
Nestled cozy inside of your head
Operation commencing
Boring holes right into your skull
Turn back while you still can
Turn back
But don't turn your back on me
Don't turn back
Track Name: Benevolent Exterminator
The benevolent exterminator shows up at your house
He doesn't kill the bugs, he just lets them out
He sets them free on to your warm suburban streets
Do not tell a soul, the masked man beckons me
Keep me tethered down and tied to normalcy
I'd cross a river for you, an ocean, well we'll see
Waking up, 3 PM, on the beach I'm here again
When the horizon sparkles, the sea's my only friend
And then the horizon comes to seize my only friend
Track Name: Overgrown
And if you need a bodyguard I'll be happy to oblige
I'll serve as your protection and for your sake get into fights
I might look a little scrawny
I might look a little weak
But no one's gonna mess with me when I'm wearing a sleeveless tee
And it's 6:00, 6:00, 6:00 on a Monday night
And it's Friday night, Friday night
It's always Friday somewhere right
And look, she's overgrown
And if you need a bodyguard I'll be happy to oblige
I'll serve as your protection and for your sake get into fights
I might look a little scrawny
I might look a little weak
But no one's gonna mess with me when I'm wearing a sleeveless tee
Tone-deaf cop, a tone-deaf cop says
"Say one more thing and I'll lock you up"
And it's a basement rock, that basement rock
That sedimentary basement rock
in the cemetary, the cemetary, cemetary
No that's all right
And on a Tuesday night, a Tuesday night
I said it's always Friday somewhere right
Said "11$ for a large lemonade and slice"
I said I'd better get my money back
or I'll cut you up real nice
Now how about we leave the house sometime
and make our way to SeaWorld
Cause the only thing I'm catching here is cabin fever
Track Name: The Beach
Summertime on the lawn, counting cars and making bons.
Nihilism is climbing trees, I am going to the beach
I'm going to the beach, got my sand and my shovels
and I'm ready to build
I'm going to the beach, got my swimming trunks and I'm ready to catch some sharks
At the beach there are ladies so I can see them in their bikinis
Which is kind of inappropriate but I'm a teenager so it doesn't matter
I'm going to the beach, there's old men who need to have a shirt on
Cause I'm going to the beach, hopefully the tide's in so I can do some surfing with the people at the beach
Don't know how they like it but I'll do it anyway
I'm going to the beach, with tropical fruit punch and other things that are like the beach
Let's play some beachball
No let's go swimming
No, I just ate, I need a half an hour before I swim again so I don't get a cramp
Track Name: The Sad Song
I wanna leave my guitar and a couple of index cards
To write down all the shit that cheers me up
Sad thing is, haven't left my house in a couple of days
And I can't keep still
Railing Adderall off of my bedside table
I'm feeling kinda sick from my knees
up into my eyeballs
I am a freak, melancholy and insensitive boy
And I try to sleep, can't get to sleep
Cause I don't sleep anymore
I walk outside, it's fucking cold but you know
I don't mind the weather outside
Haven't talked to a person
Do you think that my cat can hear me
Not socially active, hey man, I'm not even active
Track Name: Outro
I know a lot of things have changed
But did you also know a lot of things are very strange
Like 30% of Manx cats die
Before they ever even see the light
I'm sorry baby, but I know you'll last the night
Yeah baby, I trust that you will be all right
I'm an asshole by and by and fair and square
You are not, but you are fair and you are square enough
Let me out of this bind, there are some people need to be entertained
I've told you once, I've told you twice
Things are very strange
But it's getting better for me anyway

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